Copy trading


Copy trading is a way of duplicating a trader’s trade in your own account by connecting your account to that traders account without giving your fund to the trader. Once your account is connected via the GTI technology, the copier or investor has no other work more than watching or monitoring their account through their device (phone, laptops).

The advantage of this is:

  • The investor is able to protect his funds from unnecessary losses or scammers.
  • The investor is in control of his fund and can disconnect his account at will.
  • Novice, beginners and expert traders can profit using this GTI technology.

How to start:

Click Here  to create a GTI account.

Click Here  to create a Binary/ Deriv account.

Fund your account with a Minimum of $500 (USD)  – Using GTI’s Safe and Secure Binary Funding Within 5 Minutes – Click To Fund

Click To Join Your State (Location) Telegram Group….

Join Copy Trading/Fund Management Telegram Group (here)

Subscribe for copy trading (#12,000 Monthly Within Nigeria)  and 50 USD for Those Outside Nigeria. 

Visit Our Shop To Pay For The Product/Service: Visit Shop 

After Payment, You Will Receive A Special Link In Your Email With Which You Can Connect Your Binary Account And Start Making Profit.

PS: Every Month A GTI Trader  Makes Over $100 Profit, Profits will be shared 60/40 with GTI Taking 40%.

PPS: Clients with 2000 USD and Above will be Moved to Fund Management for Effective and Proper Monitoring and Management by The Organisation

Cheers To More Profits

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